6 Alternative Ways To Use Tablecloths

I am all about re-inventing everyday items so they become more useful than at first glance. I love a good twofer (ie: buy one thing, use it at least two different ways). Take a tablecloth for example. Obviously there are more ways to use these big, small, round, square, plastic and fabric pieces for more than just catching crumbs at your next big dinner party or afternoon tea with the girls. Get creative! Learn how to use tablecloths in more ways than one! Take a look at our list of alternatives and figure out  what your next project will be.

1. Use it as a bed overlay.

Wall table cloth

Genius idea right? When you have funky, sheer or vintage, crocheted tablecloth it can easily double as a bed’s overlay. It adds a dash of brilliance to your bedspread and it’s better than spilling spaghetti and meatballs on something so beautiful!

2. Use them as curtains.

Wall table cloth

So  maybe you can’t find curtains you love, but a tablecloth that makes you drool? Well, relax because tablecloths can easily be turned into curtains. With a simple little  nip and tuck you’ve got a pair of, practically, custom made dressing for your windows!

3. Use it as an outdoor canopy.

Wall table cloth

Those plastic or weatherproof tablecloths can really come in handy. Take an older piece and use it outside on your “makeshift” patio. Give yourself some shade in a whimsical, more stylish way.

4. Use it on a pillow.

Wall table cloth

Tablecloths make pillow making easier. Find a simple DIY or if you’re handy enough then have it. Older tablecloths or ones you find on sale are great to snatch up and use later for crafty DIY project, especially for making pillows … and better yet …. outdoor, weatherproof pillows!

5. Use it as a headboard.

Wall table cloth

Grab your prettiest and most favorite fabric tablecloth. Now go lay it over your headboard. Bam! Instant style and new design. Using a fabric tablecloth to cover up a plain headboard will instantly change the feel of your bedroom. It’ll add personality and just make things more fashionable!

6. Use it as a piece of wall art or tapestry.

Wall table cloth

Do you have an amazing, ornate vintage tablecloth or one that’s just extremely intricate and too amazing to eat off of? Well then, give it to your wall! You can either frame the piece and use it as wall art or hang it from the ceiling to create a new, magical tapestry.