50 Living Room Decorating Ideas

Since the living room is where family members come together to enjoy each other’s company at the end of a long day, where guests are invited and where shared activities take place, the interior décor has to be just right here. It’s not just a matter of personal preferences as the living room design has to focus on much more than that.

East River Elegance NY residence living1
This type of floor is suitable for traditional interior decors

It’s important for a living room to be inviting and in order to reach that goal you should focus on comfort. The furniture you pick has to be practical and comfortable so pay attention to scale, material, texture, color and everything else before you choose a piece.

Swedish colorful crib attic1
The rug is a key accent piece in most living rooms
Stockholm Penthouse living
Try to alternate different types of seats for diversity
Loft in paris
An open floor plan gives you more freedom in terms of interior design
Tasteful apartment interio design7
A small living room shouldn’t have lots of furniture
Swedish apartment Tegn%C3%A9rgatan sofa
Try to use the architecture and layout in your favor
Renovated penthouse Hong Kong
Most often there is just one focal point in the living room
Charismatic Swedish Apartment 2
There are several ways in which you can introduce color into a décor
Netscape founder jim clark penthouse
Opt for large windows if your living room has beautiful views
145 hudson street modern loft tv living seats
Large windows also let in plenty of natural light
Small apartmentstpetersburgh green couch
A colorful sofa can be a wonderful focal point in a minimalist décor

It’s usually safe to opt for a neutral color palette. That’s because the living room is a space both you, your family members and your guests have to enjoy. Not everyone likes the same shades so it’s safe to stick with neutrals and to avoid radical shades like neons or really bright tones.

Living room design ideasView in gallery
Use earthy and natural colors for a comfortable atmosphere
Living room design ideas1View in gallery
Artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be displayed in the traditional way
Living room design ideas2View in gallery
An all-white interior décor can be very refreshing and soothing
Living room design ideas3
The coffee table is a must-have accent piece in any living room
Living room design ideas4
Skylights are a wonderful and very beautiful alternative for regular windows
Living room design ideas5
Play with textures and patterns for a balanced interior décor
Living room design ideas6View in gallery
A black and white striped rug is always a beautiful accent piece
Living room design ideas7View in gallery
Personalize your living room with the help of wall decorations and accent features

A balanced décor is always comfortable and inviting. This includes a lot of elements and features such as the color of the walls, the type of flooring, the furniture and its size, shape and material, the presence or absence of an area rug or carpet, the type of lighting fixture, etc.

Living room design ideas8
A very elegant living room a round sitting area in the center
Living room design ideas 40
The views can become part of the interior décor if you want
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The fireplace makes a room feel more inviting and cozy
Living room design ideas 38View in gallery
Bring the outdoors in and let the landscape complement your décor
Living room design ideas 37
A minimalist and casual living room with a neutral color palette
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The ceiling is an important part of the design but often neglected
Living room design ideas 35
A single colorful accent piece is always eye-catching
Living room design ideas 34View in gallery
Let nature and the landscape become a part of your home’s interior design
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Choose the orientation carefully and take advantage of the views
Living room design ideas 31View in gallery
The views, in this case, create a wonderful background image

Large windows make a living room seem more spacious and airy. They let natural light in which is important during the day and they offer panoramic views which can be admired any time. But large windows are rarely appealing without curtains so add this element to the list as well.

Living room design ideas 30
Wood always adds warmth into a space and it makes it feel comfortable
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Play with contrasts of color to create an eye-catching combination
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The pendant light stands out beautifully in this elegant living room
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The shape of the staircase is reflected in the design of the floor lamp
Living room design ideas 26
In a living room with high ceilings you can opt for a large chandelier
Living room design ideas 25
A modern and elegant living room with a touch of traditional
Living room design ideas 24
A symmetrical interior décor and layout can also be a nice option
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The simple lines and materials make this décor look austere
Linving room interior design 22View in gallery
A wooden ceiling can beautifully complement a bright interior design
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A glass coffee table is a wonderful choice for a small living room
Living room design ideas10View in gallery
You can use bold colors and vibrant shades for a dynamic atmosphere

An ideal living room has enough storage without seeming cramped, comfortable furniture everyone enjoys, eye-catching accessories and focal points such as fireplaces or artwork and just the right amount of natural and artificial light. These elements can be adapted various situations.

Living room design ideas11View in gallery
You can always introduce color through an accent wall
Living room design ideas12View in gallery
The open shelves give this room a casual look
Living room design ideas13
A black and white living room with clean and simple lines
Living room design ideas14View in gallery
A very nice balance of color and pattern in a rather small space
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Curtains or blinds are another great accent feature for the décor
Living room design ideas16
It’s common for the sitting area and dining area to share the same space
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Accent pillows are also almost always found in living rooms
Living room design ideas18View in gallery
A nice combination of rustic and modern elements
Living room design ideas19View in gallery
Evenly distribute the wall-mounted accessories throughout the room
Living room design ideas20View in gallery
Bright colors work nicely in small living rooms
Living room design ideas21View in gallery
A minimalist living room with an open and airy interior décor

And different styles come with their own characteristics. For example, a rustic living room includes a lot of wood while a modern or a contemporary one is really simple and bright. Find your own style and let the living room be a reflection of that.