5 Wood-Inspired Rooms: Ideas and Inspiration

Masculine energy and rustic charm, rooms covered in an organic wood can be quite cozy, quite stylish and full of life. A more natural beauty than more modern looks, wooden-inspired spaces are an out-of-the-box way to decorate in a unique and personal way. And they can conform into a plethora of different ideas and visions you may have in mind, so don’t rule out wood just yet! Let’s take a look at some real life versions and see if something catches your fancy.

1. Fresh and Clean Kitchens.

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This kitchen is clean, fresh and completely modest. With smooth colors and neutral finishes, you can add any accent color you’d like to the room, in wall art, utensils or throw rugs. It’s youthful and lively, yet subdued with the walnut-shaded cabinets and island. The modern bar stools add just the right amount of style to keep the space looking eclectic and fun.

2. Modern and Sleek Bedrooms.

Land end triumph by ines

Wood can be modern too. In a dark, chocolate brown, light beige or stark white, covering a room in wooden slabs will create a slick, architectural look to any space. Between the bed, the wall’s wooden texture and the large windows, this bedroom is modern, yet super organic and earthy at the same time. It’s the perfect look for a townhouse or the top-level of a spacious home.

3. Rustic and Cabin-esque Living Rooms.

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Have a home inspired by the rustic look and feel of a cozy cabin in the woods? Use wood pieces that looks like they’ve been freshly picked from the forest to build your dream home. Covered in rich-colored pieces, this living room has a personality all its own. Cozy, homey and welcoming to all, a living room like this is a family’s best friend. Don’t forget to add a fireplace to complete the look!

4. Asian-inspired Dining Room.

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The natural beauty of a simple piece of wood is unlike any other. And when you pair clean pieces with bright colors and a modern design, you’d be surprised what you can do. The bright red, light wood and white furniture gives this dining room a trendy, Asian-inspired feel.

5. Simple and Sweet Bathroom.

Land end triumph by ines

Even your bathroom can have that same simple, organic style. Using wood as a backsplash, your bathroom can have a nice, clean and tidy feel. Use whites for a clean style and maybe even some blue tiling to enhance that luxurious, yet natural beauty. It’s a no mess, no fuss look.

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