5 Ways To Utilize The Unused Linen Closet

Linen closets can become much more useful than as a place to keep just your everyday linens, although, if we can learn how to organize them a little better they’d be much more useable.  How about instead of stuffing and cramming extra, unfolded towels and wrinkled sheets inside …  we give you some ideas on how to utilize these little pieces of extra space better! Turn them into something usable and excitable! Turn them into something you can use everyday! Check out these 5 ways to utilize your unused or too-cluttered linen closet!

1. Turn it into a craft closet!

Storage closet

Are you a crafter with little space to keep all of your crafty things? Well, turn that  unused, cluttered linen closet into something magical! Organize, categorize, label and sprinkle all of your wonderful goodies inside. Yarn, paper, ribbon, glue, scissors, pens, pencils, markers and more … it can all go inside!

2. Turn it into a seasonal closet!

Storage closet

When it’s winter you can keep the family’s coats, scarves, gloves and boots inside. During the springtime,you can  keep the family’s umbrellas, rain boots and rain jackets locked away. Then comes summer, when it’s time for sneakers and picnic baskets, you can keep those inside too. But don’t forget fall. Keep your light jackets and football hats tucked away inside.

3. Turn it into the kiddie closet!

Storage closet

When they get home from school, let them hang it up! Put up hooks they can reach to hang up their jackets and backpacks. Let them leave their dirty sports equipment inside too, so they don’t drag dirt throughout the house! In the morning all they will have to do is grab and go. Then, everything is organized and never forgotten.

4. Turn it into a tiny home office!

Storage closet

If you are lucky enough to have a linen closet with a lot of space, turn it into a tiny home office! Pay your bills, get your paperwork done and even organize your monthly planner in this quaint little nook. All you need is a cute, little stool to take a seat and get your work done.

5. Turn it into a cleaning closet!

Storage closet

Organize and de-clutter under the sinks by turning your unused linen closet into a cleaning closet! Keep your brooms, mops, dustpans, wipes, towel papers, cleaning solutions and more inside! It’ll stay neat and tidy all year long … just in time for spring cleaning!