5 Ways To Use Wood in DIY Wall Art

Wood is much more versatile than one may think. We automatically relate wood to rustic, country flavored spaces instead of really taking a good look at everything we can do with the simple substance. It’s warm, it’s home, it’s funky, it’s eclectic. It can be so much more than just a part of a southern home or back wood cottage. Instead, you can use wood in more artistic ways. Dress your walls with this organic treat and try you hand at some type of new wooden wall art project. Here are some overheads of what you can do with wood!

1. Silhouettes.

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Whether it’s on one slab of wood or several, drawing your own silhouettes atop a fresh wood piece can create a beautiful piece of simple art for the living room, above the mantle or in your home office or study.Flowers, landscapes, city skylines … the possibilities are endless. Visit DIYDiva to see how she made some of her own!

2. Recycled.

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Create something like this from Thrifty Decor Chick with some recycled wood pieces. Keep them in their original shades or color them yourself to match your home’s decor. Sure, this piece is a bit rustic but with the color and design it’s quite the eclectic, cultural piece as well. Perfect for a home experimenting with different patterns and colors or inspired by a host of different cultures in design.

3. Slices.

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For something incredibly beautiful, organic and homey, try a little something like this from Man Made. It’s a little masculine and blends well with a lot of different themes and room genres. And, it’s a lot easier to make than you may think!


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Use wood scraps to create mini posters. Cover them with fabric and pop on a phrase. You may even want to add your name, initials or something cute and sweet like this from Make & Do Girl. Of course, you don’t always have to cover up the wood, instead you can paint right on it!

5. Words.

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Then you can take the quotes to a whole new level. Turn the wood into a word! You can follow this tutorial from No. 2 Pencil and create something super retro for the kitchen or craft room! As long as you have the tools to get the job done, you’ll have a lot of fun putting this together.