5 Ways To Use Fingerpaint In Your Home Decor

We have all tried a DIY project or two. We have all drooled over others’ craftiness and amazing ability to create beautiful home decor with nothing but a string and a bead (or less). And some of us just do not have that kind of talent and have to go shopping for similar, wonderful things to make our house a bit more stylish and functional. But there is one talent everyone has: we can all fingerpaint. There is no technique and there are no rules you  must follow. All you need is some paint, your phalanges and you are good to go.

Wall art fingerprints1

Even though this idea is not seen too much on the blogs or in inspiration galleries for the home, it’s still a great way to immerse yourself in your home decor and even get the family involved. So go out and get your supplies at the nearest craft store, work up the guts to cover something in your home with your painted fingers and let’s go!

Check out these 5 ways to dive in and finger paint your home decor.

1. Pillows.

Wall art fingerprints1

Although these pillows are just made to look like they’ve been finger painted, adapt the idea and actually do it! Make or buy a canvas pillow, grab some fingerpaint and work a little magic. It’s artsy, it’s pretty and it could be a great conversation starter when you have guests over for dinner.{found on site}.

2. Holidays.

Wall art fingerprints1

Perfect during holiday decorating – and especially during Halloween. Get out those finger paints and do up your pumpkin or even a wooden wreath for any season!{found on site}.

3. Plates.

Wall art fingerprints1

Seen too many times on paper plates, finger painting is also a great way to spruce up some of your older or plainer dishes. Again, these dishes are only made to look like they’ve been finger painted, adapt the idea for your own project. Find the right paint and you’ve got a fun (and messy) time ahead!{found on amazon}.

4. Wall art.

Wall art fingerprints1

Another obvious choice for finger paints, but rarely seen, is using it as a way to create some fabulous wall art! Grab your kids, put them to work and you not only have a bit of abstract art but also something to brag about!{found on pinterest}.

5.Wall desgins.

Wall art fingerprints1

If you’re really brave, you’ll take your artwork to the actual wall. Make your own designs or even cover your child’s playroom walls with their hand-prints. It’s fun and freeing but you’ve got to be a bit of a risk-taker to pull it off.

Also, check out this easy DIY and learn how to make your own finger paints!