5 Ways To Use Fabric Doors in Your Home

Whether a piece of leftover fabric, a curtain, blanket or tablecloth; using cloth doors around your home will add movement and a bit of surprise where least expected. Utilize the fabric you already have but aren’t using as a means to bring some excitement and flair to a less than stylish space.

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What’s great about fabric is that unlike a door, you can essentially choose any design you might fancy or want to try out. Whether a monochromatic scheme, a color block, florals or a wildly exciting print – you can easily find something that will work. And because of its possible varieties the fabric adds chicness (hiding cluttered closets or messier spaces) but also the element of design, which is something we all strive for when decorating our homes.

1. Get rid of those closet doors.

Office curtain door

So many times our closet doors add bulk to our rooms. Instead of keeping those annoying bi-fold doors on your closet add some curtains and Voila! you’ve got instant style and extra space. And it’s a bit more romantic allowing the doors to flutter open and tying them back with a ribbon instead of trying to keep it on its track and getting it stuck every  morning.

2. Hide all that stuff in the garage.

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Organized or not, sometimes your garage is just cluttered. Use a fabric “door” as a means to hide all your storage and bring a bit of color to one of the drabbest spaces of your home.

3. Make little doors for one of your cabinets.

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Take one of your most used cabinets, throw away that door and add some fabric in its place. It’ll add a bit of romance and whimsy to the usual pristine kitchen and it’ll be a little easier to work with! And using a creamy color, like the ones featured, that blends in with already white cabinets creates a bigger space and a calmer atmosphere.

4. Create a door.

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Maybe you don’t need to replace a door with fabric but you  need to  create a door with fabric. Using a curtain or tapestry as a door or room partition is a great way to bring structure to a studio apartment or an open kitchen.

5. Hide your office space.

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If you don’t actually have an office space and are using just a nook or cranny of a room as your home work area, conceal it. This will not only create a space that’s all your own but hide it when work is over. That way when you’re off the clock you won’t be staring at your desk giving yourself anxiety over what you need to do tomorrow. Instead you actually are leaving the work at work as you close the curtain door.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.