5 Ways To Use Cork Boards In Your Home

Cork boards are one of the most functional pieces you can buy for your home or office. We use them above our desk, in board rooms, in hallways and even next to office phones. They’re known to be great for organization and keeping all your thoughts in one place. We pin up our grocery lists, to-do lists, our kids’ doctor’s appointments and baseball practices and somewhere in there we put up some of the emergency phone numbers needed in case something happens when the babysitter is over.

But what are some other ways to use them besides the regular ole’ memo reminder? Check out these fun, alternative ways to use cork boards in your home!

#1. As jewelry boards.


Incredibly easy to make, instead of hanging that framed cork board in your home office to adorn with a never ending stream of post-it notes …. hang one up on your bedroom next to your vanity or closet. Grab some funky push pins and you’ve got yourself not only an organizer but a display board for all your favorite pieces of jewelry.

#2. As trays.


Cork as a very organic, natural and sometimes bohemian feel to it. So using them as trays, that blend into the table is a great way to display vases or bowls without overpowering their beauty or design.They also soak up water so using them as a coasters or even hot plates for dinnertime is also a great option!

#3. As a headboard.


Great for children or even an eclectic couple, cork board headboards are just fun! You can pin up some artwork, brooches for the trendy girl, favorite photos from your honeymoon or leave it bare and natural. And again, it’s a DIY project you can do together!{found on hgtv}.

#4. As a re-styled memo board.


Who am I kidding? We all still want a cork board that holds are to-do lists and reminders. So instead of opting for a plain, square cork board ….. try a re-styled one. Cut out shapes, paint them different colors and use fun papers and pins! (Collaging them can be fun too!)

#5. As a cabinet door.


If you want another organic, natural look try the boards as a door. Cork board cabinet doors are easy enough to make (check out this DIY) and add a bit of texture to your kitchen. And yes, you can still pin up some family photos or the grocery lists. It’s basically a two-in-one design piece.