5 Ways To Try Out The Ombre Trend

We’ve seen it on everything from hair to ball gowns, the new ombre trend is taking the fashion world by storm. But why not try out these flirty, playful look in the house? One the walls, on chairs …. even on some fun DIY wall art. For those that don’t know what ombre is, exactly, it’s simply a progression of color from dark to light or vice versa (but using the same shade). And depending on the difference of progression, ombre accessories can be super modern and dramatic, or calming and whimsical. Let’s take a look at some fun ideas!

1. Curtains. 

Ombre curtainsView in gallery

One easy way to try out these girlish trend is to play with the curtains. Have your own dipped to create the look or find some off the rack to see how they work in your home. Use a more subtle color to create a homey atmosphere in the living room or unusual faded colors to create a eclectic look for your own bedroom.

2. Lamps.

Ombre lamp1View in gallery

Ombre lampView in gallery

You can also try out the ombre trend on some lampshades! Again, you can create something yourself using an easy DIY or get lucky enough to grab one of the shelves. These fun lampshades are perfect to add oomph to a friendly foyer or even a craft room!

3. Pillows.

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Mix up your ombre with a bunch of small accessories and play around with the colors. A coral ombre pillow, a yellow ombre curtain and a jade green ombra lampshade could all come together and create an ethereal little abode for yourself. Don’t be scared to mix things up a bit, this patterns creates a subtle interest that’s easy on the eyes.

4. Chairs.

Porch ombre chairsView in gallery

Diy ombrechairView in gallery

Give your patio furniture a huge face lift. Add some color the the front porch or back deck but with a twist. Ombre chairs not only add that extra color though, they add a design element that will take your outdoor furniture to the next level. Or place them in your breakfast nook for a cheery finish.

5. Walls.

Ombre wallsView in gallery

Ombre walls1View in gallery

Finally, if you want to give it your all and totally commit to this friendly, whimsy look …. create an ombre wall. In the hallway, in the study, or going down the staircase, this color changing wall can become the centerpiece of your fashion-forward home. Just be sure not to add too much, if any, wall decor. It will take away from the fading and you won’t get the same effect.