5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom Corners

Simple as it may sounds, decorating those bedroom corners can be more of a challenge than once thought. If you’re left with big bare gaps between your windows and walls, or dull spaces between your closet and bed, then we’ve got several solutions to your dilemma. Whether it’s a caddy cornered shelving-unit, or creative ways to use the curtains, here’s a list of ways to spruce up your bedroom corners and create a more stylish space for yourself!

1. Creative curtain dressings.

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Use your curtains as both design pieces of functional pieces. If you’ve got cornered windows, use this as a way to add movement and vibrancy to your room while dressing a lonely corner. Pull them up to the bare space during the day and let the natural daylight shine through. Use a pattern to add texture to the wall and make sure you use bold colors for a quick pop to the eyes.

2. Adorable accent chairs.

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If you’ve got a large enough room,t hen a great way to add some personal flair is to add an accent chair in a corner that needs some style. Make sure to use a chair that enhances your vision and style of the room. Then add small pieces to explode that look. A piece of wall art and a little side table with some eclectic bits atop.

3. Caddy cornered pieces.

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Whether it’s a desk, big bookshelf or even your bed, you can cover up that last, dull corner with a big piece of furniture. It’s a unique look and gives the room a bit more of en edge than before. It also changes the shape of the room. Of course, we don’t recommend doing this is a room that’s smaller, but for more spacious areas, try it out!

4. Unique shelving.

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A funky bookcase that wraps onto the wall or some ascertainment storage that fits right into the nook, unique shelving can not only help with your organizational needs but also with styling. Use some fun shelving to spruce up the corner and put away the mess that covers the floors. This is a great option for those that have a work space in the bedroom too.

5. Bold wallpaper choices.

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Sometimes all you need is the right choice for the walls. With some creative, interesting wallpaper you don’t even need to worry about any of the corners looking too bare or sullen. The designs will stand on its own as an artistic piece while keeping the room looking simple and clean.