5 Ways To Pretty Up The Porch

Whether it’s the front porch or the back, we usually don’t pay much attention to them. They’re usually bare with a possibility of one or two rocking chairs beside the doors. There’s normally no fashion or design elements involved, which is a shame because they can be one of the prettiest parts of your home! So, how can you pretty up the porch and make it a worthy component of the rest of your swanky, beautifully decorate home? Let us show you the ways!!

1. Pay attention to the lighting.

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Go for a beautiful outdoor chandelier or a light fixture with a bit of fashion appeal. Just because your porch is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a bit. Pick out some lighting that’s a bit of atypical and strays away from the usual and the boring. With everything else you’ll have going on, this will help to top off the entire look and feel of your refined porch space.

2. Add color wherever you can.

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An easy way to pretty up an outdoor space is to stay away from the neutral shades. We see whites, cremes, browns and blacks so much outside, try out some bright reds or even feminine, frilly pinks. Even if you just have a chair or two it’ll be a lot friendly and playful to look at than a boring chair with no personality.

3. Pick out some fun accessories.

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Whether it’s a super cool pot for plants, funky lanterns or interesting side tables, pick our some fun accessories to dress up the space. The combination of all these different home accessories will create a look far more fun and playful than a bare-boned porch with maybe a wreath on the front door. And make sure to pick out decor with some color!

4. Mix and match prints.

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For extra styling mix up some prints, patterns and solid colors. This mixing always adds extra interest and personality but it also “pretties” up any room. Between throw pillows on a wicker coach or some wonderful draping to cover some windows, you have a lot of ways to mash up some wonderful designs and create an entire escape outside the house.

5. Use pretty flowers.

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Whether you’re using a floral print or an arrangement of gorgeous, fresh flowers beside the doors or on a coffee table …. flowers are the easiest way to make things prettier! And it’s easy too! Use floral cushions on funky, colored chairs. Use a floral tablecloth to cover a beat up table. Or fill pretty vases and pots with beautiful roses and tulips.