How To Cheer Up Your Home With Color Without Painting

A very effective way to make a space feel more vibrant and cheerful is by adding color to the mix. And this doesn’t necessarily have to include painting the walls, the ceiling or anything else. In fact, there are many other alternatives

Cozy white sofa and pillowsView in gallery

Decorate with colorful throw pillows. This is a simple and efficient design strategy for areas such as the living room but also for the bedroom. You can mix and match different colors, prints and patterns to create focal points.

Colroful chandelier and pillowView in gallery

You can also add color to a room with an eye-catching light fixture. A colorful chandelier or a cluster of pendant lights can instantly change the ambiance and the décor of the living room. You can also use this strategy for the kitchen or dining room.

Colorful carpet yellow chairsView in gallery

Break the monotony with an area rug or a carpet. Rugs are often used in interior design for their ability to cheer up the décor in an instant. So even if the walls and the whole room are neutral and simple, a colorful area rug is sure to brighten the mood.

Green curtainsView in gallery

Curtains are also full of potential in this case. They offer the room personality and a wonderful way of introducing color into a neutral setting. You can match the curtains to other accent elements in the room such as the throw pillows or the artwork.

Oversized painting or mirror wall hangView in gallery

Decorate with large wall such as an oversized painting or a mirror with an ornate frame. It’s a sure way to cheep up the décor and a great opportunity to use your favorite accent colors throughout the room.

Plants wall decor to add colorView in gallery

Of course, sometimes the best option is the one that’s least obvious. For example, why use pillows, rugs and artwork to add color to a room when you can do that with plants. In addition to creating contrasts and focal points, the plants will also purify the air in your home.

Paint the interior doorsView in gallery

Paint the doors a bold color and allow them to contrast with the neutral walls. Perhaps you can use different color palettes for each of the two sides and match the doors to the rooms’ decors.

Grey kitchen open shelvesView in gallery

In the kitchen, a simple way to cheer up the décor is with colored plates, cups and other such elements. Display them on open shelves and keep them handy while also using them as décor accents.

Grate piece of furnitureView in gallery

Get a piece of furniture with a simple design but an unconventional, bold color. For example, you can have an eye-catching desk in the home office or a colorful coffee table in the living room.

Spoon wall decorView in gallery

Display collections where they can be seen by everyone. Not only that they’ll become a focal point for the room but it’s most likely that they’ll introduce a whole range of colors.