5 Ways To Keep Your Loft Sleek

One word comes to mind when I think of a loft and that’s  … sleek. Lofts can be a whole lot of different things, but a great way to style your loft is in a contemporary, modern and fashion-forward way that will have all your family, friends and neighbors drooling with envy. The up side to a sleek loft is it’s minimalism. It’s easy to clean and even easier to style, as long as you know what to do and what you’re looking for. And we’re here to help you out a bit!

1. Reduce clutter.

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Everything should have its place. And everything should have a place to hide. Whether it’s your clothes, blue rays, kitchen utensils or your monthly bills, nothing should just be lying around waiting to be picked up. A sleek loft is clean and tidy. Nothing is out of order and everything is neatly organized.

2. Divide up the area.

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Lots of lofts are just one space, waiting to be divided into what you  need. Obviously the kitchen can’t be moved, but it’s up to you to decide where your sleep and have movie night at. Make sure when you’re deciding that you think about your furniture. Try to situate things so that everything has straight lines, smooth surfaces and where nothing looks out of place.

3. Keep it neutral.

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If you want a sleek, modern look you’ve got to try and stick with a foundation of neutral colors. Blacks, greys, whites, tans, creams …. stay in this wheelhouse to base out your loft. Then if you’d like only add a few pops of color around the area. It’s a futuristic look and very, very stylish. Add color in small accessories like vases and plates. Don’t add too much color on the walls, in furniture pieces or large linens because it will take too much away from your vision.

4. Metals and Woods.

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Sticks with a lot of metal and wood furniture pieces. Not only will they finish off your sleek look but they’ll keep with the neutral color palette while still adding a lot of fashion appeal. Metal bar stool and a wooden table add interest and personality but stays modern. Then add your bright red plates and you’ve got just enough color added to a contemporary, clean space.

5. Focus on storage.

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When buying for your loft, make sure you keep storage in mind. Use clean-lined furniture pieces that have a place for storage. Make sure your entertainment center can actually hold all of your entertainment needs. Make sure you have a buffet that can hold all of your table linens. While you’re out shopping keep in mind your storage and organizational needs as much as the style and accent effects of the pieces you choose.