5 Ways To Help Create A 70’s-Inspired Living Room

Feelin’ a little retro? How about we take a trip back in time and turn that dull, ordinary living room into a 70’s-inspired escape? Funk up your home with some fun colors, unique accessories and bold furniture. Give the focal point of your house the personality it needs to stand up against a beautiful, stylish home all the while creating a space that fits your love of all things groovy. Check out our tips on how to create a lively, 70’s-inspired living room!

1. Mix up funky prints.

Wood wall design

A little of this, a little of that makes for a groovy place to chill. As long as it’s full of color and spread around the room with no rhyme or reason, you’re on the right track. Pile on the printed pillows and patched carpets and blankets to give the space an extra, 70’s oomph. You can always create your own pillows with a bit of fabric and fluff too!

2. Bright, funky colors.

Wood wall design

Neons, brights, anything with the color name of lime … these are all perfect for helping to create a room with some 1970’s flavor. Color is an essential piece to this themed space. Whether it’s the couch, the chair, the curtains, carpets or wall art … all of it should have a bit of punch. And don’t be afraid to mix it up and create your own color combinations.

3. Fun, funky artwork.

Wood wall design

Go thrifting and find some funny wall art. Cute, silly-looking dogs or something that just looks weird … it all works to create that groovy mood. Then scatter them about the room. Whether you hand them up, lean them up on the wall or above the mantle … the 70’s was all about out-of-the-box art.

4. Big, funky mirrors.

Wood wall design

Reminiscent of a disco ball, mirrors were a home decor staple of 70’s. So, it’s only natural you find a space for one in your living room. We all know mirrors can create an illusion of natural light and space, so you’ll be adding extra oomph to the space and extra retro flair. Try finding something with a shape, maybe a diamond or a big round mirror?

5. Eclectic, funky textures.

Wood wall design

A shag carpet, a fur lampshade or a wood-plated wall, the 70’s loved texture. So, mix it in with your decor. Throw in a fur pillow with all your printed throws or have fun with a vibrant green shag carpet that fits under the coffee table. Don’t be scared to mix and match, it’s all about creating the right ambiance.