5 Ways To Have Fun With Drawers

Just like with the knobs, it’s a simple piece. It’s a subtle bit of style. It’s an easy way to breathe life into an small, unsuspecting space. What is it you ask? They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And you use them every single day for several different things and in several different ways. It’s your drawers of course and sometimes they don’t even have to be real “drawers.”

1. Vintage Crates.

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For an eclectic, vintage-inspired look, turn some creates into drawers. The mis-matched look is sure to inspire any room and add definite personality to any space. Keep some of the labeling on the crates or make some of your own fun pieces of artwork for extra style and oomph to the drawers. It’s a perfect piece for the kitchen, don’t ya think?

2. Old Suitcases.

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If you are really crafty and do a lot of DIYing, take a part some old suitcases and create a super unique, originally designed chest of drawers. The different colors, different types of suitcases and the fun handles on the suitcases will add pizazz to any of your rooms, no matter the theme. This piece would be perfect for the guest room, foyer or even in your home office!


3. Color Pops.

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Do you have a chest of drawers that need some extra style? All you need to do is paint the drawers. But, paint just the drawers. With a neutral color in the background, the fun shades you pick will pop right out and make a fun focal point in whatever room you decide to put it in. Think about using this idea in the kids room or even on the porch!

4. Ombre Styles.

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Just like pops of color, the ombre style can also make a super original focal point for any room or space in the house. Choose a color and then create that decreasing or increasing fading effect. From white to peach to bright coral, or from black to royal to powdery blue – this will look great in the bedroom or even in the bathroom!

5. Fabric Covers.

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Update one of your older pieces of furniture with just a bit of fabric. Choose a bunch of fun patterns, designs and colors and then cover each drawer with something different. It’s eclectic or feminine or completely modern, it all depends on what you like and what your vision is!

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