5 Ways to Display Fashion and Accessories in Your Home

Most people just use clothing and accessories to decorate themselves. But they can also serve as home decorations if displayed in the right way. Here are a few ideas for bringing your personal fashion sense into your home décor.

Create an Accessory Wall.


Accessories like hats and purses, particularly those you might not wear often, can serve as interesting wall art. Just hang a series of hooks on your wall and hang your hats or handbags from them. This can be particularly decorative if you have any antique hats or purses that you don’t get to show off in person very often.

Use Scarves as Art.


If you have any decorative scarves with cool colors or patterns, you can use a skirt hanger or two hooks to spread them out flat and display them. From a distance, it can just look like a painting or other piece of art. But you can easily change out your scarves whenever you decide to wear one.

Utilize Dress Forms.


You can try hanging clothes on a wall hook like you would with the scarves or accessories listed above, but dresses and other clothing don’t hang the same way as these accessories, so they might not look as good as they would on an actual person. But if you use a dress form, which can be found at sewing suppliers or antique stores, you can show off dresses or other clothing in the way they were actually intended to look.

Open Up Your Closet.


You don’t necessarily have to pull clothing and accessories out of your closet in order to make them into decorations for your home. Instead, you can simply make your closet itself into a display piece. If you don’t have an enclosed closet, you can make do with some clothing racks out in the open that can display all the colors and patterns of your wardrobe. You can use shelves on either side of your racks to hold your shoes and other accessories. Even if you do have an enclosed closet, you can still choose some of your favorite pieces to display out in the open.

Display Shoes on Shelves.


Shoes can be some of the most difficult accessories to store, so why not just make them into display pieces? Instead of hiding them under your bed or in boxes, put your shoes out on bookcases or other shelves. You can either have a dedicated case for shoes or just mix them in with your books and other items.

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Displaying your clothing and accessories in your home can not only add your own personal sense of style, but it can also help you store items that might otherwise take up a lot of unnecessary hidden space. Whatever your motives, the tips above can help you ensure that your home will be as well dressed as you are.

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