5 Ways To Decorate With Bright Tables

A little brightness helps in more ways than one. It refreshes a space, revives any dullness and leaves a smile on your face. That’s why using bright colored tables to adorn the nooks and crannies of your home is a stylish, easy decorating option. From the bedroom to the basement, adding a vibrant table or two can really make your space look a light nicer, brighter and more fashion-foward. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started and help you plan your own little table makeover!

1. Refresh the breakfast nook.

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Brightness in the kitchen is always the best choice. You want a fresh, clean, cheery space to eat your Wheaties and decorate your holiday cookies. Add a brightly-colored table to set-off a neutral kitchen and bring in some happy style.

2. Give life to the living room.

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With a bright coffee table you can create a focal point that’s still refined, sophisticated and homey.Turquoise is a great option because it mixes well with all neutrals and almost every other shade of color. Give it a rustic look with some imperfect lines or set off a contemporary space with something that adds a glossy shine.

3. Revive your home office.

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Your office is … well .. your office. So, show off some of your personality. Give some fun to your work place by adding your favorite color into the design. Use a bright orange side table to brighten up the space, or maybe even lime green. Both colors work well with neutral tones.

4. Enliven the bedroom.

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Do you dream in a cozy little space with minimal color? Make it pop instead. Your space may be your own quiet haven but adding just a hint of surprise will only add more of a design element. Table are obviously the best choice since you can adorn them with accessories that will tone down their vibrancy.

5. Rejuvenate the dining room.

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Who says your dining room needs to be stark and dark? Liven up the room by creating a cheerful place to gather, eat and enjoy one another’s company. Of course, you can make sure it’s stylish too. Red is great but so is blue! Pick something that stand out to you or revive an old piece you’ve had in the dining room for ages. Then decorate around it.