5 Ways To Decorate With Blues & Grays

Choosing a color scheme can be a big decision, especially in the biggest and most public parts of your home. So, today I’ve decided to share one of my favorite color schemes and give you some ideas on how to decorate different parts of your home using this super relaxed combo. I’m a huge fan of comfort and class when it comes to my home. And this combo has both, it’s clean and bright no matter what shade you choose and no matter how you decide to embrace either shade it’ll be a room everyone will flock to for its easy vibes!

Blue and gray have great energy. Together, they’re a bit masculine, calming and definitely laid back. But, if used correctly you can always bring in some super funky, eclectic vibes as well.  Let’s take a look at some wonderful inspiration.

1.  Neutral Blue & Gray Hues.

Grey dining roomView in gallery

Using blues and grays that are a bit more neutral than whole are great for combining as the foundation of the room. Laying out the room with a cleaner cool blue and lighter gray can make for super fun accessorizing. Mix in some brighter shades using some throw pillows, curtains or wall decor to make the colors pop.

2. Modernize the colors.

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Usig a lighter blue and a deep charcoal will enhance both of the color’s undertones. They compliment each other and create a crisp, modern appeal to any room. I love this combo for a home office or library.

3. Create a cozy corner.

Grey dining room

Blues and grays have the posses an undeniable effect to create a cozy atmosphere, so you must utilize it. Instead of using blues on the wall, try to use gray as the background to create a warm but cool effect. Dress the space up with blue furniture and darker shades of gray!

4. Try different shades.

Grey dining roomView in gallery

Grey dining roomView in gallery

Instead of the usual baby blues and navy … instead of the charcoals and elephant grays .. try using shades that are a little different. Royal blues and a silvery hue will create something quite magical and eclectic, especially if you decide to pair it with some unique home accessories.

5. Add other neutrals.

Grey dining roomView in gallery

Realize that you can add other neutral colors to the blue and gray combo without taking away from the scheme. Creams and white work really well with both of these colors and only enhance their tones. You can create a room that’s a bit more delicate and feminine by adding either.