5 Way To Use Parisian Chairs

If you love feminine frills, soft color palettes and the chic French-inspired accessories then why not add a hint or two of Paris to your home or apartment’s decor? Thick tufts, pink hues, golden details or a wired frame; French chairs can come in a variety of grandiose styles. And it’ll be a lot of fun hunting to find the perfect one to embody your home’s and your own personality.  Embrace the look and feel of Paris by using the romance and vintage appeal of Parisian chairs in just the right places. Take a peek at some inspiration you can use as you find yourself trying to rest a beautiful, Parisian chair in the perfect spot.

1. Let one decorate your bedside.

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Bring in some sophistication and class to your bedroom by using a Parisian piece to enhance the theme. Place the chair bedside for a light feel to a vintage-inspired room. Add some throw pillows too to give it a comfy, cozy finish.

2. Allow one to pop in the living room.

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Using a pretty Parisian chair in the living room will add instant style and girlish chair to the space. Even if you decide to go with a chair of neutrals or a beautiful soft pink, either way it’ll refresh the space and give it a breath of new design. It’s the perfect focal point for a house inspired by vintage, antique decor.

3. Permit one to dress up the office desk.

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Add some spice to your work space with a gorgeous and playful Parisian chair. If you find one that’s generously tufted then it’ll be just as comfy as it is fashionable. And if you find a wired-frame, make sure to add some ribbons!

4. Let one adorn the bathroom’s vanity.

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Whether it’s placed right in front of the mirror or in the corner next to the tub, a French-inspired chair is the perfect ingredient for a soft, ladylike powder room. Use golds, silver and blush pinks to enhance the look and ethos of the space. A subtle, floral pattern on the walls or rugs help with the French-theme too.

5. Allow one to grace the foyer.

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Give your guests a nice and elegant welcome with a Parisian chair sitting in the foyer. Next to a buffet table or standing alone, a chair like this will only emit beauty and style. And remember, two is better than one.