5 Wall-Mounted Desks for Small Spaces

Nowadays having computer desk furniture is a must have, whether that is a desk big enough to take all stuff or a space saving computer desk sufficiently large enough to accommodate a laptop and, perhaps, an LCD monitor.If your room is pretty small, a smaller desk will perfectly.We hope you enjoy this inovative wall-mounted desks for small spaces and after going through all, come back with a comment!

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1) The New York company Resurce Furniture developed a desk for those who don’t have a lot of space.Specialize in space saving designs the desk office is housed in a 13-3/4 inch-deep cabinet.{more info here}

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2) elfa Office Shelving & Desk provides storage space for a lot of things and materials,keeping everything visible and accessible.{more info here}

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3) Designed by John Paul Plodes,the Waveform Shelf is created for both use shelf/desk and it’s available for 350$.{more info here}

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4) The Wall Desk comes from Wooden Malled and it’s available for 135$.These wall desks are constructed with a 5/8″ thick front panel and sides.Available in a dark red mahogany or light oak finish with a laminated desk surface and a magnetic catch.{more info here}

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5) The last one wall mounted desk is the cheapest and it’s available at ikea for 60$.{more info here}