5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture Frames

There are more ways than one to use a frame. It’s as simple as that. Before you buy  a beautifully ornate frame and think, “Wait, what photo will I put it in?” Please realize that it’s not about the photo, sometimes it’s all about how to use the frame without using it to display a family portrait. And sometimes using a frame in an unexpected way, is just what you need to bring some surprise design into your home.

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No one realizes the impact a simple frame can have on your home, your room or a small space in your office. Without sticking to the ritual of buying a frame, popping in a photo and setting it on a table or hanging it on a wall … do a bit of brainstorming. If you run across a frame you simply must have, buy it and then decide what part of your home needs a little redesign.

Now take a look at a few surprises we found from some very creative people using picture frames in some fun and unusual ways. Maybe it’ll spark some inspiration.

1. Frame a bookshelf.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture FramesView in gallery

Whether it’s floating or just smaller, framing a bookshelf is a bit out-of-the-box but still very chic. It’s a clean, inspiring way to signify the books’ significance and draw attention to your creative spirit.{found oncasasugar}.

2. Make your own art.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture FramesView in gallery

Use frames to make a collage. Just because there aren’t any design inside doesn’t lessen the impact of the art that the frames will make on their own.{found on martha}.

3. Add a magnet.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture FramesView in gallery

Take your smaller frames, add some magnet strips and take out the glass. Insert your to-do lists, memos and grocery lists and Voila! you’ve not only spruced up the look of your fridge but also made jotting down your chores a bit cuter.{found on tocrave}.

4. Vanity trays.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture FramesView in gallery

Sometimes we run across the most beautiful, vintage frames but we don’t have anything we can do with them. Instead of trying to hang it up convert it into a vanity tray. Whether you insert some printed scrapbook paper or leave the glass transparent it’s a perfect way to show off your perfumes and add some femininity to your space.{found on thumb}.

#5. Cover the thermostat.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Picture FramesView in gallery

Having done this in my home already, I believe it’s genius. It’s a great way to steer the eye away from the boring thermostat and liven up the wall it inhabits. Especially when you’ve got other pieces of art on the wall.{found on blogspot}.