5 Unusual Concept Door Handles For Unique Homes

The door symbolizes mystery. You never know what’s behind it so the moment when you touch the handle and push to open the door is decisive. The handle becomes the star and steals all the attention. Of course, a unique handle also has decorative qualities. It’s the accessory that makes the door stand out and it’s the detail that plays a very important role in any décor, even if it might not seem like it. We have found 5 very interesting door handle designs that are truly unique and we wanted to share them with you so here they are:

ORB Door Handle.

Led doorhandle5

Led doorhandle6

Led doorhandle

Led doorhandle2

The first one is the ORB Door Handle. It was designed by Michael Samoriz for Umbra-design and, as you can see, it’s very simple but it’s also very eye-catching. As the name suggests, the handle lights up. It’s actually the ring that has integrated LED lights. The door can be used for the bathroom, for hotel rooms or for the children’s room. The light from the handle can signify that the room is busy or it can simply be a subtle light source at night.{found on yankodesign}.

Wrench Handle.

Wrench handle3

Wrench handle

Wrench handle2

The next design we’ve chosen is one that was meant to be fun. Designed by Tirdad Kiamanesh, this door handle puts you to work. It’s called the Wrench Handle and, as you probably noticed, it’s shaped like a wrench. The design is fun and could be used in modern and contemporary homes but it can also look nice in a workshop.

Off door handle.

Off door handle

Off door handle3

Off door handle5

This door handle has a more practical design. You’re probably familiar with the scenario when you’re leaving the house, maybe going on a vacation or something similar, but right when you close the door you remember you forgot to check the gas or to switch off the lights. If you had a door handle like this you wouldn’t have to go back to check everything. That’s because the Off handle is connected to the gas supply and electricity and thus allows you to simply switch them off by rotating the dial. It’s very simple and very practical and it’s all thanks to designers Eun Ah Kim, Jinhyuk Rho & Maria Rho.

Hand Door.

Hand door stopper3

Hand door stopper

Hand door stopper2

The door is usually accessorized with the handle and the stopping mechanism. The two are not related and serve as individual features. But wouldn’t it be much easier if you could handle them both at the same time? It’s exactly why the Hand Door Stopper was created, Designed by Yu-Jin Kim, Jong-Chan Mun, Joon-Ki Park & Eun-Ji Yoo, this handle allows you to pull down the doorstopper without additional effort. The mechanism is integrated into the handle itself and the angle always lets you know if it’s been activated.

Sterile Door Handle.

Door handle3

Door handle

Door handle2

It’s a well-known fact that door knobs and handles are a very common way of spreading germs and disease. To protect yourself against those you would either have to wear gloves, to use napkins or to invest in this amazing door handle. Designed by Choi Bomi, this door handle features a self-sterilization system that uses UV lights. It’s very simple, effective and quite stylish actually.