5 Unsuspecting Places To Use Curtains

Curtains can be used for a whole lot more than just to cover up the windows. These pretty, flowing fabric pieces can add a lot to an unsuspecting place. Ethereal vibes, boho style and a serene look can easily be created by using a curtain or two here or there. So, where can you use that curtain you bought on sale and can’t figure out what to do with? Well, here are some great places to use them that you may have never thought of before!

1. Room divider.

Headboard curtain

Divide up a room to create more privacy and appeal by adding some beautiful curtains. Cut-off the dining room from the rest of the house or even the kitchen from the living room. The curtains are a daintier, lighter touch than big bulky doors and keeps things calm and serene. Your dinner guests will feel like they’re in a swanky restaurant next time they come over for dinner and you won’t have to deal with the ruckus your husband is causing in the kitchen during your nightly dose of Dancing With the Stars.

2. Hide storage.

Headboard curtain

Whether your hiding some shelves in the craft room or hiding the hanging rod in the laundry closet, you can use curtains for a fun touch while you’re keeping all of your organization out of sight. Even when you’ve neatly organized all of your clutter, it doesn’t mean it’s pretty to look at. So, adding these pretty pieces of fabric fixing the problem in a cinch.

3. Cabinets.

Headboard curtain

Remove those cabinet doors and replace them with curtains! It’s whimsical, fun and so much easier than doors! Great for a shabby chic kitchen or feminine powder room. You can hide all of your essentials behind, create extra style and get to everything you need in no time. This is a great chance to try out your DIY skills too.

4. Closets.

Headboard curtain

Another way to add a bit of whimsy and flirtatious to your bedroom would be to take away that closet door and put up a curtain. It’s girly, it’s fun and makes the room look a lot prettier. You can add fun colors to make your room pop, use a print pattern or blend it in with the rest of a neutral room … because there are no rules!

5. Headboards.

Headboard curtain

For an ethereal feel and something unique, use a over-sized curtain as a headboard! Make your art pop and just use it too have a been of bohemian flair behind the bed. It’s easy to put up, easy to keep up and an easy way to create a focal point in your bedroom. And again, there are no rules so just find a fabric you love and go for it.