5 Unique Ways to Store Books in Your Home

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, books are some of the most versatile of home decor. They can be conversational pieces, add some homey essence to a bare corner or even bring in some vintage flavor to a more modern space. It’s easy to use a bookshelf to store and stack you’re huge collection of books, old and new. And it’s easy to stand a book up on a side table because you have nowhere else to put it. Maybe one of these unique ways to store books in your home will give you a bit of inspiration for the next time you decide to throw that new book of yours into that beaten up bookshelf in the basement.

1. Create unique display shelves.


Shelves like these can easily become a do-it-yourself project but also are becoming easier to find throughout stores. Try shelving like this to display your books in a way that will catch people’s eye without all the clutter that a generic bookshelf can do to a room.{found on ddekor}.

#2. Use something out-of-the-box.


This piece is designed to store your books but it also gives us a little more inspiration than that. Finding interesting furniture pieces that can also double as a book display is the ultimate “double whammy.” Try using your imagination next time you’re shopping and ask yourself, “Could this work as a modern bookshelf?” Bets are that it’s easier than you might think.{found on here}.

#3. Color coordinate your books.


If you must use a more typical shelving style, then jazz it up with the way you organize the books inside. Color coordinating the covers creates a bit more of a stylized, thought-out clutter. Not to mention it could be a fun project for you and your kids to do!{picture from here}.

#4. Blend the books with other home accents.


Using picture frames and flowers, try to decorate each shelf a bit differently. Vases filled with roses, small or big interesting trinkets or even some ornate frames will transform a boring bookshelf into a pretty piece in your home’s design.{found on straw}.

#5. Hide them behind a playful curtain.


Use a curtain to cover your book clutter. As mentioned previously, even if your books are neatly stacked and shelved they still seem to cause a bit of chaos to a space. Instead of displaying the books, find a curtain that’s a bit out of the box or blends into the walls to cover up the storage.{last picture}.