5 Unique Planter Ideas

One of the greatest things about nature (in this case, plants) is that they really can speak for themselves. Whether alone in a pot or in a field with millions of others, healthy plants are a beautiful thing. Which is why, I imagine, so many of us want to corral them in our own yard spaces, to enjoy and be inspired by them daily. What’s fun about this is that, just as no two plants are alike, the planters used to hold them needn’t be predictable or identical to any other planters. Here are five fantastic examples of unique planter ideas to get you started:

Vintage Colander.

Old tires planters

Nothing is more awesome, to me, than an aged piece paired with a marble topped table. This vintage industrial-sized colander vignette is a prime example. Totally unexpected here, the colander is a perfect contribution to this casually stylistic outdoor setting. Its round shape fits perfectly with that asymmetrical table, and its holes pattern resembles the rattan of the seating for a charming, flawless unique planter. Moss lining helps retain water for the plants.


Old tires planters

Painted a pale minty green, this vintage pretzel making machine looks perfectly at ease as a plant home. Of course, if you, like me, are unlucky enough to have zero access to an adorable vintage pretzel maker, consider other vintage machinery – the sky is the limit when it comes to figuring out unique planters for your space!

Vintage Spice Box.

Old tires planters

There’s something organic about beat-up objects, and these vintage metal spice boxes are no exception. Perhaps this is why vintage pieces make for great unique planters – their rusted edges and imperfections make them all the more endearing as a home for bits of nature. Lesson we learn: Find vintage containers, plant stuff inside, and enjoy your recycling-with-style aptitude.

Painted Charcoal Grill.

Old tires planters

We’ve all seen these, haven’t we? An old, abandoned charcoal grill, mostly likely complete with rust and a missing wheel, inhabits the corner of a backyard patio because it’s technically still useful but, let’s be honest, not really. Enter: this fabulous idea! Paint it a stand-out color, throw some potting soil inside, and plant a few vibrant blooms inside. Viola! Instant outdoor planter décor, full of color and character.

Recycled Tires.

Old tires planters

Have a spare tire (or ten) lying around? Put them to good use as decorative planters! By hanging them into a tight configuration, you create a piece of living upcycled art that is definitely more than the sum of its parts. Painting out some of the tires in bright, happy colors makes the vignette particularly eye-catching.

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