5 Unique Ideas For Amazing Ceiling Designs

Even though ceilings are a very important element in any room, they often get ignored. Lots of people choose their house particularly because it has high ceilings. This is just one more reason to pay attention to this portion of the design. So turn your ceiling into something unique and make it a beautiful thing to see when you wake up in the morning or whenever you raise your eyes.

Fabric ceiling.

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Make your home feel cozy, stylish and sophisticated by opting for a fabric ceiling. It’s an element that adds drama and romanticism to the equation and a very beautiful way of creating a focal point in the room. You don’t have to overcomplicate the project. Opt for something very simple and let the texture and the overall result stand out.

Wall decals.

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Another great way of adding a unique touch to your ceiling is by using wall decals. Nowadays wall decals have become more and more popular. There are many options, models and ideas you can choose from. For a really unique design try a custom decal made to your exact specifications.

Wood ceiling.

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Sometimes the simplest of options turns out to be the most impressive for a particular type of home. For example, if you want something different for your ceiling but don’t want to overcomplicate things and to think too far, you could opt for a wooden ceiling. It’s very simple but it adds character to the room, making it feel welcoming and elegant.

Glass ceiling.

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And since we were talking about different material options for the ceiling, another very interesting idea that would definitely change the way the whole room looks like would be to have a glass ceiling. The reasons why this is a great idea are multiple. For example, a glass ceiling lets in lots of natural light and thus the room becomes bright and airy, it allows beautiful views at night and it creates a strong indoor-outdoor connection.


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The fifth and last option we’re going to present involves murals. They are a great way of decorating the ceiling. Murals are very popular in children’s room and dining rooms but they can also be adapted for bedrooms, living rooms and basically any other room of the house. A mural would definitely change the whole décor of the room.

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