5 Unexpected Colour Schemes That Actually Work

If you can make an unexpected colour scheme work then you can really make a room appear showroom worthy. Nevertheless, this is by no means an easy challenge. Get it wrong and you can end up with a room that looks confused, cluttered and quite frankly a bit of a mess. But don’t worry as we are here to give a helping hand. Read on to discover the top five colour schemes you wouldn’t expect to work but in fact they look  fantastic…

Pink and Orange.

Pink orange

Shared bedroom shared nighstand

Pink and orange are both high energy colours. From the world of fashion to the world of interior design these two colours have always been a big no when it comes to colour combinations. But rules are made to be broken, and this colour scheme is definitely a representation of that. Pink and orange can create a lively, tropical and energising environment. The key to making this work effectively is to incorporate a good dose of white as is the case in the pictures above.

Red and Aqua.

Attic bedroom

Nursery room red aqua

Reading corner

This is a colour scheme you would have never thought to put together a year or two ago, yet more people are taking a risk now and implementing it in their home. The key to using this scheme successfully is to use the aqua as your base colour and then highlight with the red.

Lime Green, Brown and Blue.

Lime interior design

Lime kitchen

Bedding green

Lime green and brown are two shades you would never expect to put together. They are two contrasting. The lime is energising and vibrant whereas the brown is smooth and luxurious. And then you throw blue into the mix just to complement things. Well, it turns out the combination can actually work well! Similarly to the previous colour scheme you can incorporate a good dose of white, or you can go for subtle shades of the three colours.

Yellow and Pink.

Yellow pink office

Pink yellow kitchen

It can be difficult to mix two bright colours together but when it comes to yellow and pink you should never try to tame the two shades. Instead play towards the vibrancy of the colours. You will create a magical space full of energy, fun and excitement.

Blue and Yellow.

Blue dining room

Blue yellow living

Blue and yellow are two colours which technically shouldn’t go together. They are nowhere near each other on the colour scheme. And they are not opposite either; that would be blue and orange, and yellow and purple. So, it is of little surprise that very few people opt to team the two colours together. But when you look at the pictures above can you honestly say it doesn’t work?

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