5 Unconventional Ways to Decorate With Wallpaper

When you think of wallpaper, you might picture a room covered in an outdated floral print, but there are a lot of great options for modern and sleek wallpaper designs today. However, some people still aren’t ready for the commitment involved in actually covering their home in wallpaper. If this describes you, you’re in luck. There are still plenty of ways to decorate with wallpaper that don’t involve covering your walls. Here are a few ideas.

Cover a tabletop.

wallpaper table

You likely have several tabletops around your home that are either too plain or have accumulated a number of marks, scrapes, and blemishes over the years. Wallpaper can cover up those imperfections and add some much needed interest to your furniture. You can add wallpaper to the tops of coffee tables, side tables, desks, and even dining room tables. Just find a pattern that complements the table legs and cut it to fit the tabletop.

Frame it as art.

wallpaper frames

If you’ve found a wallpaper that you like for your walls, but don’t necessarily want your entire room covered in patterned paper, you can still add it to your walls in a less permanent fashion. Just gather some frames and cut your wallpaper to fit into them. You can do this with one large frame or a few smaller ones.

Use it as a bookshelf backdrop.

wallpaper bookshelf

Your books deserve a great looking shelf, but so many bookcases come in plain colors and styles. Adding wallpaper to the back of each shelf can give the piece an entirely different look and make your books really stand out. You can cut your wallpaper to fit the back of each shelf, or the top and bottom (or all of the above).

Decorate appliances.

wallpaper fridge

Appliances aren’t often thought of as things that can be changed or decorated, but they can often be eyesores in a room, especially if they’re in need of an upgrade. However, you can easily add some color to your kitchen or other space by covering ugly appliances with the wallpaper of your choice.

Spruce up a staircase.

wallpaper staircase

You can add way more interest to your plain old staircase by adding small pieces of patterned wallpaper to the vertical parts of each step. You can even cover your whole staircase if you so choose, but by just covering the vertical part of each step you can avoid extra ware and tear on your wallpaper while still enjoying a more  colorful and interesting look.