5 Ultra-Feminine Bathroom DIYs

At least one of the bathrooms in the house should be decked out in all things feminine! Whether it’s the guest bathroom or your own personal space, a frilly, ultra-girly powder room is a fun place to decorate and relax in. Florals, pinks and maybe even some polka-dots … over-the-top girly bathrooms are playful, flirtatious and so fun to try out DIY projects on. So, let’s do it! Check out some of these great DIYs we found to help make one of your bathrooms out-of-this-world, ultra-feminine chic!

1. Vintage Bathroom Tray.

Bathroom flowers

A touch of vintage appeal with a bout of girlish charm, this tray is a great piece of dainty design. It’s perfect to add to a feminized bathroom and perfect to allow your beautiful perfume bottles to hang out all. Or maybe even some of your best lipsticks would look nice lined atop. All you need is a piece of lace (or old lace stockings), a pretty thrifted frame and some hot glue.

2. Labeled Bubble Baths.

Bathroom flowers

Dress up all your everyday products. From bubble bath to shampoo, from body gel to lotion …. filling up vintage glass bottles (or even Starbucks frappucino glass bottles) and adding an adorable label will only emphasize the “pretty.” It will keep things looking neat and organized and give a bit more personality to all your beauty supplies! Just make sure to thoroughly wash out the bottles you decide to use first!{found on theidearoom}.

3. Adorable storage space.

Bathroom flowers

Enhance your storage space by creating an adorable tiered caddy. With a candle stick holder and two dinner plates this DIY doesn’t take much to make. Then after it’s completed you have the perfect little accessory to give a little more oomph to your vanity and a little more room to keep your bracelets, chapsticks and favorite nail polishes.

4. Jazz up your shower curtain.

Bathroom flowers

Take a plain shower curtain and add a bit of your own pizazz. It’s as simple as grabbing some great pieces of ribbon and fabric glue. Use bright colors, pastels or fun patterns to give your curtain some more oomph. All you need is a simple white curtain to start out with, or any monochromatic color can be used as your base.

5. Mounted vases.

Bathroom flowers

Fresh flowers always have an essence of femininity and they liven up any room. Mount some vases on the walls and keep florals inside. Change them out to go with the seasons or the design. It’s a great way to breathe life in a smaller room and add great batches of color and design appeal.