5 traditional cottage bedroom design ideas

Cottages are usually very cozy and inviting and they have a certain charm that makes them very pleasant. It’s why they have the perfect style for a bedroom. This is a room that needs to be relaxing, calm, serene and, most of all, cozy and these are all characteristics of cottage interiors. We have selected five bedrooms that feature inspiring interior designs based on this concept.

1. Cozy bedroom with turquoise details.

Rattan bedroom cottage

This bedroom is very beautiful mostly because of the choice of colors. They are exactly the colors you would expect to see in a charming cottage. Notice that the bed has a very simple and casual design and that all the furniture has a vintage look. The turquoise accents are beautiful and they look very nice in combination with the beige and brown elements.{picture found on site}.

2. Serene white bedroom.

Rattan bedroom cottage

White is a neutral color and it’s generally used to create a crisp, fresh look. In the bedroom, this color creates a very serene atmosphere. The almost transparent curtains have a very delicate look and they complement beautifully the delicate curved lines featured by the bed. The pastel green accents are also a nice touch and so are the blonds on the windows.{picture from site}.

3. Elegant bedroom with balcony.

Rattan bedroom cottage

This bedroom is particularly elegant because it features a series beautiful, traditional pieces of furniture. Also, everything matches everything else in terms of color and texture and the only thing that tends to stand out is that pastel lilac-colored armchair and ottoman couple. Beige and brown are colors usually associated with sober and elegant decors.{found on site}.

4. Bright beach house bedroom.

Rattan bedroom cottage

A beach house is one of the most relaxing destinations to visit. It’s why the bedroom is a crucial part of the design. It needs to be cozy and charming but it also needs to be bright and to capture the same dynamic inclination that the rest of the house has. This bedroom is a perfect combination of colors and styles and the result is a spacious, bright, light but also cozy interior. Moreover, the grey and beige complement nicely the blue of the ocean seen in the distance.{found on site}.

5. A vintage cottage bedroom.

Rattan bedroom cottage

The vintage style is by definition warm and cozy so when combined with a cottage-style bedroom it results in a perfect trio. This bedroom has many vintage elements and they are all subtle and yet visible. They include elements related to color, texture, pattern and even material. The pendant lamp matches the base of the bench placed at the end of the bed and the whole bedroom is a mix of different shades of beige and brown.{found on site}.