5 Tips To Organize Your Vanity

Organizing the vanity is a little different than organizing the bathroom because it’s all about the girls! Makeup, hair products, nail polish, lotions …. it can get chaotic quick! But, if you keep your space organized, gone will be the days of hunting for your mascara or losing your favorite hair tie. Check out these quick tips for keeping your vanity cleaned-up and organized and we’ll give you a bit of inspiration too!

1. Remove everything you can.

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First things first, remove all your products. Throw out everything you haven’t been using and make sure nothing has expired. It’s easy to keep around makeup for years without realizing their expiration date. This will also give you a quick excuse to buy a few new beauty products.

2. Categorize everything you can.

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After you’ve thrown out your piles of old products, organize everything into categories. From hair, to face, to body …. then you can start labeling or organizing each drawer. Each of those drawers or cabinets can be for a separate “department.” The top drawers can be for face and lips, middle drawer for eyes, bottom drawer for hair, etc.

3. Buy organizers for every inch.

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It’s imperative that you buy separators and dividers for your drawers and cabinets. Yes, you can divide them by hand but after the first several days everything will be jumbled again. This makes separating quick, easy and kept for long periods of time. Without the dividers, all you have to do is close the drawer and poof, you’re unorganized again.

4. Add pretties to the tops.

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Give yourself some encouragement to stay organized by dressing the vanity up a bit. Use pretty paper to line the shelves and pretty accessories to give the top counter a bit of oomph. Small trinket boxes to hold your small, button earrings or even a vintage clock will add just the right amount of styling to your vanity to make you want to keep tidy.

5.Hide away your jewelry too.

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Don’t forget your jewelry! If you have enough room at your vanity to organize your rings, necklaces and more … then do it! This will create more space elsewhere and have all your beauty essentials in one space for your convenience. You can even find beautiful, small jewelry holders that will double as pretty accents to the counter top. Or even pretty ring holders or necklace trees.