5 tips for a perfectly made bed

The bed is the most important and most prominent piece of furniture from the bedroom. So its image basically reflects the whole room. It’s why it’s important to have a nicely made bed. It might seem like a too difficult task, especially since you have to perform it every morning. But if you have a ritual and a few easy steps it will become a piece of cake and you won’t even notice it anymore. We’re just give you a few tips to help you determine that.

1. The bed linens.

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It all starts with the bed linens. When buying, you have to know what to look for. Everything has to fit your bed perfectly and to be easy to use. A mattress pad with elastic edging can really save you some time and patience. You should also have a quilt, comforter or duvet and a blanket. The type depends on your preferences as well as the climate.{picture from Centsationalgirl}.

2. The fitted sheet.

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This is the part that can be really annoying. The fitted sheet needs to fit perfectly, as its name suggests. Having one that is either too short or too long can be very frustrating. If you have a tall mattress then an extra-deep sheet should work nicely. Remember to pull and tuck the edges beneath the mattress. If you do it right it could take days before you have to repeat the process.

3. The blanket.

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The blanket should also have the optimal size. However, sometimes finding the perfect one tends to be impossible. So if you have a blanket that is slightly shorter than the sheet as it often happens, it would be best to pull it down from the top of the mattress rather than to expose the bottom. This is an esthetical detail but it’s also something that would allow you to be more comfortable.

4. The flat sheet.

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Here’s a tip that can help you create smooth edges and corners for your flat sheet and blanket. The idea is to hold the long edges of the sheet and the blanket away from the bed and to pull them atop the mattress. You should form a 45-degree angle at the corner. Then lift the foot of the mattress and slide the draping bottom edges of the bed linens beneath it. This way you can avoid the creases and it’s also a time-efficient process.{found on site}.

5. The pillows.

Bed pillows

A lot of people tend to obsess over pillows. They just keep gathering them until the fill the whole bed with pillows of all shapes and sizes. This will only make bedtime more frustrating. If you want to keep things simple, the pillows you sleep on and maybe some throw pillows should be enough. Prop them against the headboard and that’s all.