5 Tips For Using Stripes in Your Home

Stripes used in home decor seem to be a bit outside the realm of beautiful interior design. But that’s just because stripes seem to have a bad rep for being outrageous and childlike, when in reality they’re fun, playful and keeps your eyes stimulated! Whether it’s a wall, a pillow, a curtain or a chair –  stripes do more than you think to a room that needs some refreshing.

1. Use stripes as your bathroom’s focal point.

Stripe dining room chairs

Wake up and smell the coffee! Cliche’ yes, but o so true. You need a pick me up for those early mornings and bright stripes not only brighten up a bathroom but can also perk you up in the mornings before work. If you want to use stripes but are too afraid to incorporate them into bigger spaces around your house, try out the bathroom first for a little test drive.{image from davinog}.

2. Stripe just one wall in your living room.

Stripe dining room chairs

Now, I don’t suggest you go crazy and stripe out your whole bonus room or living room. This type of design can get loathsome fast if used in excess. But one wall in muted or modern color combinations may just add that extra pop of exotica you feel the space has been missing.{image from here}.

3. Combine stripes with another print (like florals).

Stripe dining room chairs

As prints go, stripes are relatively simple which makes them a great candidate for combining with other less versatile prints. For instance, florals or paisleys could be a lot of fun.  Use a striped blanket with floral pillows or a striped couch with a floral throw piece.{image from effortless-style}.

4. Make your space look bigger or longer. 

Stripe dining room chairs

Using larger, horizontal stripes whether on a wall or on a sofa can make a small space look bigger. Using small, vertical stripes whether on a wall or in large wall decor will help short-ceiling rooms looks lengthier. But the key is to use two tones of the same color. If you decide on two opposite colors, the stripes can make a room look smaller or shorter.{image from dana}.

5. Add striped accessories to enhance monochromatic schemes.

Stripe dining room chairs

Even though you’ve decided on a monochromatic scheme. Using striped pillows, rugs, vases or any other accents will help enhance the simplicity of the one-color design you’ve chosen. Take this chair for instance, it adds a bit of oomph to the room without steering away from the cleanliness of the it’s ethos.{image from elle}.