5 Tips For Giving A Room A Makeover In A Day

Everyone has moments when they look at the living room, bedroom or any other room in their home and they realize it’s time for a change. The décor seems old and boring and giving the room a makeover seems like a splendid idea. But usually makeovers are complex projects that take time and require resources. Of course, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can give a room a makeover in a day and whe can show you how.

Throw away everything you no longer need or want.

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The first step when cleaning a room or starting a renovation is to throw away everything that is no longer necessary. This can include old furniture, old decorations and basically anything else you no longer want in that room. If you want these things to go to waste you can put them somewhere else or give them to someone else.

New wallpaper for the walls.

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As soon as you change the wallpaper on the walls the whole room seems different. There are many options to choose from and wallpaper is easy to install. You can chose something with stripes or some other pattern or you can mix colors and patterns for a more dynamic décor.

Bring some light into the room.

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Maybe you’ve noticed this already: a room is more beautiful when it’s filled with light. Keep that in mind when you give a room a makeover. Add some lamps in the room and open the windows. You can remove the curtains or replace them and you can change the window treatments. A new chandelier or pendant lamp can also be a nice idea.

Choose a new color.

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Color is very important in a room. So when you decide that a makeover is needed for a certain space, consider changing the color palette. You don’t have to buy new furniture or to completely change the interior. You can just pick a new primary color or an accent color and you can instantly change the atmosphere in the room.


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As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t need to buy new things in order to make the room feel fresh. You can just choose to remake some of the pieces. For example, you can put new upholstery on a chair or you can give a cabinet a fresh coat of paint. It will still be the old piece but it will have a new look.

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