5 Tips For Adding A Romantic Touch To Your Home

Whether you’re planning something special or you simply want to surprise your partner with a romantic mood, there are lots of ways in which you can turn the atmosphere in your home from regular to romantic. You just have to know on which elements to focus. We’re talking about small things like decorations and accessories, not about complex makeovers and redecoration projects. Here are some examples:

Breakfast or coffee in bed.

Breakfast in bedView in gallery

What better way to start a day than with breakfast in bed? So if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic gesture that will be the start of a great day, then get the mood right. You’ll need subtle lighting and maybe even some music. Then the breakfast ready and put everything on a nice tray. Don’t forget the flower. If you’re not used with having breakfast first thing in the morning then you can just replace it with coffee.

Bathroom flowers.

Bathroom roses flowersView in gallery

Bathroom fresh flowersView in gallery

Lots of people tend to ignore the bathroom when they decorate their homes. But the bathroom is an important part of any home so it needs to look romantic as well if this is the mood you want to create in your home. Flowers are a simple way of achieving that. It’s amazing how much flowers can change the mood in a room.

A table for two.

Backyard table for twoView in gallery

When you think of something romantic to do usually what comes in mind is dinner for two. So why not choose to always be prepared? Have a table for two in your home. Put the table and two chairs somewhere in a corner or in a romantic spot such as the garden, the terrace, by the window or near the fireplace.

Heart-shaped art.

Heart decorationView in gallery

Heart framedView in gallery

If you want to also add a personal touch to the décor and start a DIY project that can then be displayed somewhere in the house, then maybe you should consider using the heart as an inspiration. This shape has become the symbol of love so why not use it in your favor? Of course, you can give it a unique and original spin.

Bedroom flowers.

Bedroom flowers on nightstandView in gallery

Black wall bedroomView in gallery

The bedroom is, of course, the room you should focus on when you’re planning a romantic day. You don’t have to plan a complex makeover if you just want to make it seem a little more romantic and intimate. You can just add some last minute touches. For example, flowers will instantly change the mood. Put them on the nightstand, on the desk or anywhere else you think they will look good.

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