5 tips for a cottage kitchen interior

Cottage-style interiors are always characterized by elements such as cozy atmosphere, unpretentious details and use of natural materials. It’s a style as well as an attitude and it suits all the rooms of the house, even the kitchen, especially since lately it has become a social area more than a work space. There are a few elements that should be taken into consideration when designing such a space. These are a few examples.

1. A soft color palette.

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The colors in a cottage-style kitchen need to be light and delicate. It’s something to be applied for other rooms as well. The color palette could include colors such as the timeless white in combination with soft shades of yellow or pale turquoise. Pastel blue is also nice, as well as light khaki. The idea is to use fresh colors in soft tones and not to exaggerate with their number.

2. Hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood floors give a sense of cozyness and they help create a warm and inviting décor. The kitchen usually has tiles but for a cottage-style interior it would be more suitable to opt for hardwood flooring. It would also create continuity with the rest of the house and it’s not that difficult to maintain. Of course, it depends on the type of flooring you choose, the materials and finish. As for the color, natural finishes are the most suitable ones.

3. Low-hanging pendant lights.

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Lighting fixtures are not an easy choice, regardless of the style you opted for. In this case, low-hanging pendant lamps will create a warm and cozy atmosphere and they will feel less impersonal than spotlights for example. Opt for retro or vintage designs in soothing colors and with simple details. Shades with frosted glass or brushed nickel would be a nice choice.

4. Furniture-style cabinets.

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Even though the kitchen usually has a particular type of furniture, if you want a cottage-style kitchen it needs to share a design similar to the pieces usually used in the living room and the rest of the house. Built-in pieces should be avoided if possible. Instead you can opt for vintage armoires or lower cabinets with retro or traditional designs

5. Cup-style drawer pools.

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Just finding a cabinet that could work for this style is not enough. You must also pay special attention to details. For example, even though your cabinets are not pure vintage or retro, you can add extra charm with the help of cup-style drawer pools. Finish them with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel for a nice patina.