5 Things to consider in the selection of a toilet seat

Do you want to change your toilet seat because it has worn out or maybe because you want to impart your bathroom with a new look. Well, you can easily find a toilet seat according to your preference as there is a myriad of options for toilet seats.   Selection of a toilet seat is something that should be done carefully with consideration of other factors besides the look and efficiency.


Here is a list of things that should be considered in the selection of a toilet seat –

1. In the selection of a toilet seat, it is very vital to consider the décor, theme and the existing colors of the bathroom, and needless to mention the seat should also match with the model of the toilet. You may check some catalogues or online showrooms for varied styles and designs.

2. You need to consider the shape of your toilet, whether it is elongated or round. Use a tape ruler to measure the length and diameter. Many manufacturers fashion the seats so that they fit the toilet.


3. The material of the toilet seat should also be considered. Plastic, wooden and cushioned seats are the popular options. Plastic seats are durable, affordable and available in an array of color shades, including white and black and stay cold all the year round. Wooden seats are also quite popular as they stay warmer. However, they are expensive than the plastic ones and can be damaged or stained through toilet cleaners. On the other hand, cushioned seat are ideal for those who are recovering from a surgery or childbirth.

4. Toilet seats are known to develop scratches and accumulate dirt, therefore, cleaning and maintenance should also be considered during the selection. Plastic toilet seats are easier to clean than the wooden ones. Moreover, inclusion of hinges also eases the cleaning process.

5. You need to consider the users of the toilet seats, and if they have any special preferences or needs. For instance, if there are elders in your home then you might consider getting a toilet seat elevator. If any family member is suffering from medical problems, you might have to get a heated toilet seat. If there are children who are going to use it, then you should select a toilet that is not too heavy to pick up. Certain seats also have splash guards to help the men keep their urine in the toilet.