5 things you should do to make your house ready for another school year

Summer is starting to look, one again, like a beautiful dream. It’s almost time to get ready for school again. It’s not just you that needs to get ready, but the whole house as well. The desk will once again be used for homework and the shelves will be filled with books instead of toys and gadgets. There are a lot of things that need to be done before school starts. Here are 5 of them.

1. Freestanding furniture.

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Most people see the desk and the shelving system as one inseparable unit. But they don’t necessarily have to be a set. A freestanding desk or storage unit can be just as functional. Moreover, they can be placed separately and they will allow you to create the optimal environment for your kid.

2. Additional storage containers.

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Most desks have plenty of storage compartments for all sorts of supplies. But a kid sometimes needs more than these desks can offer. In these cases, you can add extra storage with some freestanding pieces. For example, hang some containers on the wall in front of the desk for supplies such as pencils and other small items.

3. Improvise.

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To make the desk area functional and to organize this space according to your child’s needs you don’t necessarily have to include fancy tools. Just work with what you have in the house. A coffee mug would make a great storage container for pencils and another one for all other sorts of small items or crafting supplies such as scissors, glue, etc.

4. Alternatives for study areas.

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Kids usually get bored really fast and they don’t like to feel trapped in their room and to feel like they have to study. It doesn’t have to feel like such a burden. So organize a small study corner for your kids somewhere in the kitchen or in the living room, where he/she can also feel like a part of the family and like actually taking part at some common activities, even when he/she is actually doing the same thing.

5. Include your kid in your own work routine.

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If you already have a space where you usually work, such as a home office or a desk somewhere in the house, maybe it would be a good idea to also add an extra space for your kid. This way you can both work and he will feel like a grown up. That will be a study and work area and he will know that. There will be no playing around there.