5 Themes For Your Little Girl’s Bathroom

Designing a bathroom for the little ones can be a lot of fun. Bright colors, fun designs, kid-friendly decor pieces … it’s an adventure! So, let’s start off with ideas and inspiration for all those pretty girls we have roaming around the house, dawning pink bows in their hair and Barbies in their hands. Just because it’s the bathroom, doesn’t mean it can’t be an exciting, charming place to be!

1. Florals.

Disney bathroom

Light, pretty with punches of cheerfulness, there are so many wonderful ways you can decorate a floral bathroom. From light vintage-y pieces to big, bold cartoon-esque sunflowers, go with what your little one loves the most. Line the walls with some decals or have you hand on some stenciling. Find a pretty shower curtain to match your color scheme, then find some accessories to take the theme over the top!

2. Stripes.

Disney bathroom

A unisex pattern, but with the right colors and design element  …. it’s a girl’s dream! Pinks, purples and bright yellows can create a youthful, playful space. Of course, you can add some floral details to a room adorned in stripes to. But the stripes are what make the room childlike and exciting. Mix and play with different sizes for a more stylish look.

3. Polka-Dots.

Disney bathroom

There’s something really whimsical about polka-dots. They remind me of laughter and of my own time as a little girl. They look great in all colors and sizes too. So find a color scheme that makes everyone happy and start decorating. Use a solid foundation and use polka-dots to accessories. Or, use polka-dots all over the walls and then keep everything else simple and color-blocked. You don’t want to go crazy with this pattern and have your kiddos going cross-eyed!

4. Victorian.

Disney bathroom

She’ll be the little belle of the ball in a bathroom full of old-age decor. From the beautiful, soft colors and the grandiose details; she’ll feel like royalty. And she is your little princess right? This is probably one of the most fun themes to play with because you can find wonderful pieces at thrift shops, antique sales and even your local department store that will help you create a magical space.

5. Characters.

Disney bathroom

Use her favorite characters! It’s so easy nowadays to find wall decals or accessories that match her idols. From Disney Princesses to Dora the Explorer, you can create an escape into her little girl fantasy! And have a lot of fun doing it. From shower curtains to creative DIY ideas, you’d be surprised what you can come up with once you’ve picked a theme.

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