5 Themes For Your Little Boy’s Bathroom

Designing a bathroom for the little ones can be a lot of fun. Bright colors, fun designs, kid-friendly decor pieces … it’s an adventure! So, let’s take a look at some ideas  and inspiration for all those handsome little boys  we have roaming around the house, a baseball cap on their head and dirt all over their hands. Just because it’s the bathroom, doesn’t mean it can’t be an exciting, playful place to be!

1. Primary Colors.

Mickey mouse disney kids bathroom

Use all of those bright and vivacious colors for your smallest guys. Primary colors are great for children, they promote brain stimulation and learning. So, dress the bathroom in these bold shades! Nothing about these colors are girly so the boys won’t be shy about using the space. Add some stripes for an extra pop of design. It may even be fun to color-block the walls.

2. Fishin’.

Mickey mouse disney kids bathroom

Little boys are curious. They love critters and creatures. And that includes all the living creatures under the sea! Create an escape to the ocean by using serene blues and funny little decor pieces, for example an octopus trash can will have all the kiddos giggling. You may even want to go with a fishing theme, big bass and fishing rods could line the walls or shower curtains. It just depends on the age of your child.

3. Nautical.

Mickey mouse disney kids bathroom

Of course, you can use the water theme a little differently. Pirates or a captains of a ship are also great ideas to run with, depending on what your child likes the best. Dress the space in navy and white (stripes are very nautical) with small bouts of red. Use a lighthouse photo or a boat tub to take the vision over the top! Your little boy will feel mature and grown up in a refined, nautical-themed bathroom.

4. Safari.

Mickey mouse disney kids bathroom

Do your rambunctious boys like adventure? How about transforming their bathroom into a safari-themed space? Use Zebra stripes, hunter green and sandy beige to decorate with. And use some of their favorite animals in the decor. Elephants, lions, hippos and even crocodiles would be perfect!

5. Characters.

Mickey mouse disney kids bathroom

Mickey Mouse, Spiderman or even some GI Joes, there’s always a favorite. And you can turn their favorite characters into their own, personal space. Turn their idols into a reality by finding the perfect accessories for the bathroom. Shower curtains, towels and wall decals are all ways to make this happen. Of course this isn’t as stylish, but the boys would love it nonetheless.