5 Suggestions For Decorating A Renovated Basement

If and when you decide to renovate the basement, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the new décor. They’re just tips that you might find suitable for the look that you have chosen for your basement. For example:

1. Finishes first.

Carpet tiles

Even if the basement tends to look like an area of the house completely separated from the rest, there should still be consistency in terms of interior design. So before you actually get to redecorate, you should decide on the finishes you’re going to use. They should match at some level the rest of the house while also allowing you to create an original décor.{picture from Sage Design Studio}.

2. Extra lighting.

Carpet tiles

Some of the areas in the basement might benefit from extra lighting. For example, you could add some lighting to the bookshelves and the shelving where you’ve displayed your collection. This will allow you to create a more dramatic effect but it will also have a functional purpose.{found on site}.

3. Built-in storage.

Basement storage built in

The whole idea when renovating the basement is to create some extra storage and sitting space. So you should try to free up as much space as possible. Built-in storage can help you do that while also allowing you to have plenty of room for all your collections and other items you decide to store in the basement. Some built-in bookshelves across the wall can make a big difference.{found on site}.

4. Lots of color.

Carpet tiles

Since the basement is a space with less natural light than the rest of the house, you could compensate for that by using bright colors. This will also help you create a more dramatic effect. For example, you could paint the walls and the ceiling the same color which would create the impression of a really cozy space. Include accent pieces and colorful accessories, just like in the rest of the house.{picture from here}.

5. Carpet tiles.

Beautiful carpet tiles for basement

The basement floor is cold so you might want to compensate for that by using carpet of rugs. A new trend has appeared and it’s related to carpet tiles. They create a cozy and pleasant feel and they combine functionality with looks and comfort. If a tile gets damaged, it can be replaced with another one without affecting the rest of the floor.{found on alldecor}.