5 stylish writing desks for a new school year

A new school year is about to begin and this means you’ll have to make your home ready for that as well. Your children will need a place where they can do their homework and other school-related activities. They will need a desk. We know that choosing the right design is not easy so we have prepared 5 beautiful desks to inspire you.

1. The Flat-bar storage desk.

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Sleek and simple, this desk is great for working, doing homework, arts and crafts, etc. it wasn’t designed specifically for kids but it provides plenty of storage space and this makes it particularly suitable for that purpose. It costs EUR 473.91, it’s made of engineered wood and powder-coated metal and it measures 52″w x 22″d x 30″h.

2. The WGS rectangular table by Monica Armani.

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WGS is not actually a desk. It’s a table but it’s perfect for writing and doing homework. It doesn’t have any built-in storage but a small storage cabinet with a matching design could easily solve that problem. The table features a 12 mm tempered transparent glass top and painted glass in bright or mat colors is also available on request.

3. The Lui writing desk by Paolo Maria Fumagalli.

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Crystal writing table1View in gallery

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Lui is a modern, sleek desk that also features a 12 mm transparent tempered glass top. It’s made of natural ash and features a wenge finish. It also has incorporated bottom shelf and drawers in wither white or black lacquered finishes. The same design is also available without drawers. The frame is made of stainless steel.

4. The Parsons mirror desk.

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This desk features a glamorous look with lean and clean lines and a simple and modern design. It has two hidden drawers, perfect for storing writing tools and supplies. The Parsons desk is chic and versatile and it’s suitable for both small and large spaces. Its overall dimensions are 48″w x 24″d x 30″h and it’s made of engineered wood with mirror-panel cladding.Available for 568 euros.

5. The Swing writing desk by Jan Armgardt.

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With its clever design, the Swing desk would fit any space, no matter how small. This means you’ll be able to fit in in the corner of your children’s room or any other free space you have around the house. Swing is a tall cupboard with plenty of storage and an extendable desk. When not used, it has a compact design. It provides enough space for items such as the printer and scanner and the interior can be configured as you wish. The extendable worktop is optional and the same goes for the cable sockets.