5-story property in Notting Hill with an eclectic interior

Located in Notting Hill, London, this property extends over 5 levels. It’s a beautiful and impressive residence in both size and design. The clients, a large family, wanted this to be their new home. They asked interior designer Carden Cunietti to help them reorganize and redecorate the house using a mix of mid-century and modern elements.

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The property was refurbished by De Matos Ryan Architects who followed the same influences as the interior designer. The result was an eclectic interior with variations in each room. The house has a total of 5 bedrooms and they are all spacious and charming. There’s also a large living room, a dining room, a separate sitting area and a spacious kitchen. The levels are connected by a beautiful wooden staircase. The walls are bright throughout the residence and this creates a fresh and airy atmosphere

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The décor is a mix of modern and classical elements. For example, the ground level features concrete floors that tend to have a cold and detached aspect and a selection of cozy and warm elements such as furniture and other architectural details. A double height void connects the upper and the lower ground living spaces. The indoor and outdoor areas are also beautifully connected. The house opens onto a lovely garden and the barrier between these spaces is cast concrete counter.