Accessible Strategies For Redesigning Your Kitchen Interior

No matter how much you love your kitchen and how happy you are with its design, there will come a moment when it will all start to look old and outdated. That’s when you start to contemplate the idea of redesigning the kitchen or at least refresh its design and ambiance in some way. There are many strategies you can use, some of which are described in the following examples.

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The kitchen makeover featured on untamedperspective is a great source of inspiration for future projects. The kitchen changed its look although not in the most dramatic way possible. The style was preserved and one of the most interesting details is the tiled backsplash. The new counter and the bar top brought a fresh look into the kitchen. All the cabinets and pretty much everything that had a wood finish was painted off white, brightening up the whole room.

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But before you start a makeover or renovation, make sure you know what you want. Set your priorities straight and make a list of everything you want to change or add to the space. A good example in this case would be the project featured on isshereally. The new design of this kitchen were to include professionally painted cabinets, beadboard paneling, a new color on the walls, a new backsplash, a new pendant light and new outlets and plate covers throughout. You can see the results for yourself.

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A lot of times people choose to drastically change the color of their kitchen whenever they feel the need for a new look. Classic or traditional kitchens often become white in an attempt to look a bit more modern and in sync with the rest of the house. So if you want to give your own kitchen a white makeover, you should first have a look at a few inspiring examples which you’ll be able to find on andreasnotebook. Here you’ll find three makeovers all of which use white as their new primary color.

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Although white is a great color option if your desire is to give the kitchen a fresh and bright look, a second color is needed for a well-balanced look. The accent color could be a beautiful shade of turquoise such as the one chosen for the kitchen described on lifeingraceblog. The two contrasting colors look really well when put together. You can check out the full project to find out what changed. Some of the details include new cabinet door designs for a more open feel, a new chalkboard wall color, vintage knobs for the cabinets and some accent lighting.

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Another great kitchen makeover that uses white as the new main color can be found on thethomehome. Basically, everything that used to be brown in this kitchen is now white or light gray. This includes the cabinets and counter top. The design stayed the same with the exception of some new open shelves. Small elements and details that used to blend in before now stand out and contrast with the new white background.

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A different strategy can be to choose bold and vibrant colors for your new kitchen design instead of going for a neutral look. We found two inspiring examples on apartmentherapy. The first one combines a wooden counter top with a green backsplash. The definitely is definitely very fresh and really great considering that the cabinets were black and white.

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The second makeover uses deep pink as the new accent color. The transformation was fairly simple. The new color was exactly what the space needed to pop and stand out. Pink is not a very common color in interior décor and for kitchens in particular and this means that the new look is fresh and unexpected.

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As it turns out, sometimes the desire to change a small thing about a kitchen leads to a whole makeover. A perfect example can be found on remodelandolacasa. It all started with the corbels for the island. In order to install them and make them look good in context, the island needed to change its color. One thing led to another and the cabinets got a custom look, the bar stools changed their look and the hood was redesigned as well.