5 Steps For A Perfect Swedish Interior Design

It would be impossible to ignore the beauty of Swedish interior designs and décors. They are unique and have created a style that many people like to adopt. But what makes a Swedish interior design so beautiful and what gives it character? You can find out right now and you can use the ideas to make your own home look stunning.

White-painted floors.

Swedish decor

As you may have noticed, most Swedish homes have white floors. It’s a design and décor detail that’s meant to make the rooms seem open, bright and airy. It’s the same principle applied for the while walls that make a room seem bigger. But not all floors have t be white. To maintain a similar atmosphere you can also opt for wooden floors with a light pale finish.

Open spaces.

Swedish decor

Another detail that makes a Swedish home so special is the layout and structure. The spaces have to be open and large. Usually the rooms are spacious and have large windows but there are also exceptions. In the case of a small room you can still make it seem open and airy if you use bright colors and finishes and maintain a simple décor.

Lots of natural light.

Swedish decor

A Swedish home wouldn’t be Swedish if it wasn’t filled with natural light. It’s why large windows are very important in the interior design. The let the light in and they open up the whole space. It would be even better if you had the possibility to include a skylight into your home’s interior design.

Light, pale wood features.

Swedish decor

In the case of a Swedish home interior you should try to avoid dark and heavy woods such as walnut or mahogany. Instead, try to find light and pale woods that will better complement the simple and bright décor of your home. They will stand out but they will also have a subtle visual impact in combination with the white décor.

Handcrafted decorations and accessories.

Swedish decor

Handcrafted objects always give character to a décor. They are a wonderful way of personalizing a space and they are commonly used in Swedish interior design and décor. You can make posters, woodcrafts, stencils and all sorts of other easy-to-craft decorations and accessories.