5 Sparkly Ways To Decorate For New Year’s Eve

What’s New Year’s Eve without some sparkle? Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or having a quiet night at home, a little glitter to ring in the New Year couldn’t hurt. On the tables or on the walls, sparkly decor looks good in any and every nook and cranny. So, let’s take a look at some fun ways to incorporate some glittering items for New Year’s Eve!

1. Cover the table in confetti.

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When you’re thinking about your place settings, make sure you have the right centerpiece to finish off the look. Your dinner guests will appreciate your creation and it’ll just feel a lot more festive. But, to truly top off the right New Year’s Eve vibes, sprinkle some sparkly confetti around the table for a bit of extra oomph.

2. Add some sequins to the couches.

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For a quiet night in while watching the ball drop from the TV, add some comfortable sparkle. You can easily add some sequined throw pillows or some comfy blankets threaded with metallic strands to give a bit of festive charm to your evening of relaxation. And there’s no work involved besides finding one that works with your space

3. Burn some glitter candles.

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You can always create your own sparkly decor too. With a great DIY you can make these wonderful glitter candles to light your way into the New Year. A candles glow will add some romance, the numbers signify the new year and the sparkles just make it more festive and appropriate for the holiday!

4. Welcome your guests with a shining wreath.

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You can’t complete your home’s New Year’s Eve festivities without a wonderful wreath to finish off the look. Add some sparkling ribbon, bows or twigs to make a wintery wreath that you can celebrate and welcome the New Year with. Of course you can find one in a store but making one of these beauties will be half the price and a lot more fun.

5. Sparkly linens everywhere.

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From the napkins to the tablecloth, just cover your table with glitter! A sequins table runner to adorn your feast and dawn your glitter-dusted apron while setting up the appetizer trays. A big part of the New Year holiday is eating and drinking with your friends. So, hone into that and make sure your entertaining with a lot of sparkle in all the right places … including the kitchen and dining area! Even a glittered bow tied to each chair could be a refreshing way to decorate!