5 Soothing Color Combinations

Dreaming of a soothing space to relax in after a hard day’s work? Are you already thinking about a springtime update for the bedroom? Or giving the kitchen a quick and calm facelift? It’s nice to have a cozy place that’s easy on the eyes. You don’t always have to be bright and bold to create a stylish room. Instead you can be just as fashion-forward throughout your home, while choosing soothing color combinations that create a sense of serenity.

1. Mint & Cream.

Blue wood floor

A light combination that can easily transform into a more feminine space or something with a bit of an edge, mint and cream rooms exude natural, organic vibes. It’s easy on the eyes but can handle the addition of some sharper shades as well. Black for a modern touch or a light, canary yellow for some springtime appeal.

2. Lavender & Chocolate.

Blue wood floor

Not only is this a unique color combination but it’s suprisingly cozy too. It’s not too girly for the men of the house, your guests may give a bit of ooh and ahh over it and you’ll be perfectly comfortable in any space adorn with these shades. It simply gives off a warmness that’s easy to relax in, but looks amazing too!

3. Taupe & White.

Blue wood floor

It breathes, it gives the illusion of extra space and incredibly easy to take a break in. A taupe and white room has a freshness that darker colors cannot bring to life. It’s also a bit cheerful, which can be great for a kitchen or a couple’s bedroom. Add some blue accessories for subtle and soothing pops of color.

4. Grey & Silver.

Blue wood floor

For something a bit richer in look but just as comfy in feel, try out silver and grey. Use the softer grey as the foundation for the room then add silver touches to keep the serenity while adding more fun design elements. Perfect for the living room or even for the dining room, this color combination exudes a fashion-forward knowledge but also a hominess that not every decorator can create.

5. Eggshell & Navy.

Blue wood floor

Mixing these two colors in a big way is a great choice for a bold look that translates into a calming space. Don’t use one of the other as the foundation, instead equally divide the tones. Navy walls with eggshell cabinets or furniture. The navy provides the warmth and the eggshell provides the light. I’d even try this out in my home office for a revived yet comforting feel.