5 Simple Ways To Accessorize the Guest Bed

The most important part of your guest bedroom is, in fact, the bed itself. It’s got to be warm, inviting and comfortable for all those loved ones sleeping away from their own homes. Of course you’ve got to make things stylish, functional and convenient for your guests but it’s an absolute must for the bed to be the focal point of design and comfort. So, how can you accessorize the guest bed to make it stand out and welcome anyone coming to stay for a while? Take a look at our simple suggestions.

1. Pile on the pillows.

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A lot of fluffy and soft pillows stacked high on the bed will welcome your guests with a warm coziness unlike that of a barren, simply made piece. When you’re out looking for accessories try to snag some plush pillows in all sixes. But stray away from designer pillows that aren’t meant for comfort.

2. Consider a canopy.

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For a secure, comfy feel, consider adding a canopy to the guest bed. It’ll give the room a light, breathy look, add some unique style and create extra warmth for your guest. Use sheer shades and light fabrics and you can even DIY one yourself for an inexpensive price.

3. Unique headboard.

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Wow your guests and give yourself a fun project by adding a unique headboard to the guest bed. Enhance the room’s theme and style with a rustic, wooden slab or a romantic piece of fabric hanging behind. Whether you buy a beautiful tufted piece or make your own, you won’t regret paying attention to this detail.

4. Add an accent blanket.

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Choose a puffy, cream comforter for your guests to snuggle with at night. But, dress the bed with an extra bit of fashion by adding an accent blanket to finish off the look. A tufted piece or a snuggly fleece, there are so many options to use when you’re simply accenting the bed. You may even want to use a playful, printed tapestry to add the extra style.

5. Pick a color.

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If you’re a bit scared to use a lot of color, try out some of  your favorites in the guest bedroom. You’ll get a little taste of what it’s like to decorate with color without committing to anything too over-the-top. A good color for the guest bed would be any shade of blue. A serene, comfortable color, blue works well with neutrals and as a neutral foundation itself.

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