5 Santa-Inspired Ways To Decorate For The Holidays

When you think of Christmas, what do you think of first? Presents? Red bows? Sugar cookies and hot cocoa? Jingle Bells? Well, of course, they’ll all come to mind eventually, but what’s the most basic sign of the holiday season? Santa Claus of course! So, it’s only natural we use his style and ways to decorate the house with. From fluffy hats to rosy cheeks, Santa is a quintessential piece of decorating for Christmastime!

1. Hidden “Santas.”

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Have you ever been to Disney World and tried to find all the Hidden Mickeys scattered around the park in various places? Well, you can always do that with good ole’ Kris Kringle during the holidays. The kids will love finding it and you won’t have to deal with anything too big or cartoon-like to ruin your specific holiday theme. Hide them in the greenery or in little places around the house for some light, festive decorating.

2. Santa Wreaths.

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Obviously, at Homedit, we’re a big believer in pretty wreaths. So, it’s only natural that we give you a bit of Santa-inspired wreath ideas. The red and white will pop off of almost any color door and it’s a good way to to welcome dinner guests and St. Nick on Christmas eve night! Just be sure to find one that goes with the theme of your house, whether modern, homey or country-chic!

3. Eclectic Santas.

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If you don’t want to get too kitschy with a Santa Claus statue or doll hanging out around the fireplace, try something a bit different. Find some nick-knacks or statues that resemble Santa but give off a bit different vibe. Then you can line the mantle, adorn the foyer or dress the staircases with something a bit more interesting.

4. Classic Santas.

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Of course you can always go with tradition. Find a Santa that looks like the one you’ve dreamed of since you were a little kid and then let him take a spot on the mantle, in front of the fireplace, next to the entertainment center or even by the front door. There’s nothing more cheerful than a smiling, rosy-cheeked, chubby Santa hanging out around the house during the holidays. Don’t forget you can always dress the house with Santa using pretty paintings, decals and wall art!

5. Subtle Santas.

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You can decorate with Santa without actually using an actual Santa. A hat, a scarf or a “Ho, Ho, Ho” sprinkled about will still bring in some holiday Cheer. Try out a sparkly “Ho, Ho, Ho” banner in the dining room or over the fireplace. Santa hat cones to dress a buffet table or even a DIY banner made with mini hats.