5 Rooms To Create With Navy Blue Walls

Blue is soothing and relaxing. It’s comforting yet bold without being too dramatic or harsh. And it’s a great way to start redecorating a space in the house that needs a quick update. Use a navy blue wall to smooth out rough edges and liven up a dull room. Let’s take a look at how to decorate with some beautiful, vivacious navy blue walls!!

1. Make a nautical bedroom.

Deep blue walls for office1

Deep blues can easily be used to create a nautical  room. And nautically-themed rooms are modern, contemporary and even a bit preppy! So, if you’d like something with a fresh, clean look then try out some navy blue on the walls and use crisp whites and slick blacks to enhance those sailor stripes! Use some yellow and golden accessories to put the room over the edge!

2. Create a rustic dining room.

Deep blue walls for office1

Painting all four walls of your dining room navy blue creates the best foundation for a rustic dining room. The clean palette is bold enough to create an elegant sophistication while adding light cream and brown accessories that pop inside the room. A wooden table and a lightly colored shag rug keep the room toned down without taking away from the navy wall’s posh effect.{image from sweetthingblog}.

3. Build an artsy living room.

Deep blue walls for office1

Navy blue can easily act like a classic black. Just like with black, this shade of blue can be paired with any color and still be stylish and chic. So using navies on your living room walls is a easy fix when you want the room filled with a bout of mixed and matched accessories and furniture. It’s a great base for an eclectic room filled with artsy pieces.

4. Add more fashion to a Victorian bathroom.

Deep blue walls for office1

Are you in love with your feminine and flirty Victorian bathroom? Well, if it’s starting to look a bit shabby and not too chic, try changing the colors of the walls a bit. Slap on a coat of navy blue paint to add some interest and theatrics to a less than fashionable bathroom. Maybe even add some candle sconces to the wall to lighter up the blue wall and create a bit of romance.

5. Keep your office super chic.

Deep blue walls for office1

Navy blue walls in a home office is daring but will always work if you use your imagination. Give the space where you work some extra oomph by creating a relaxing darkness. Then, brighten the room back up with fun, light accessories. Fun pieces of wall art, delicate bookshelves and interesting desks and chairs will make for a inspirational space.